What Should I Do If My Dog Eats Raisins – Death by chocolate may be funny, but for dogs, the situation is very serious. Unfortunately, many dog ​​owners do not know the dangers of chocolate poisoning in their pets or giving a piece of chocolate to their four-legged friends. Even if you don’t give your dog chocolate, there are times when he will pick up something left on the table or desk. If you think your dog has eaten chocolate, contact your vet immediately. The veterinarian will refer you to an emergency veterinary clinic or recommend that you monitor your dog for signs of illness based on the information you provide.

Theobromine is the culprit in chocolate dogs. Humans have no problem metabolizing this coffee-related molecule, but dogs do not. Caffeine is another ingredient in chocolate that dogs should avoid. Both work together to stimulate the nervous system and increase the heart rate.

What Should I Do If My Dog Eats Raisins

What Should I Do If My Dog Eats Raisins

How much chocolate can a cat eat before it dies? It is determined by the dog’s size, general health and age. Even if a large dog eats the same amount of chocolate as a toy, the results will be very different. A large dog may not show signs of the disease, but a small dog may faint and die. Older dogs, puppies, and those with heart problems are more likely to be euthanized than healthy dogs.

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The amount depends on the type of chocolate the dog eats. Theobromine is found in large amounts in dark chocolate. White chocolate should not cause chocolate poisoning because it contains a small amount of theobromine, but cocoa powder, dark chocolate, semisweet and dark chocolate are toxic. If the dog does not eat too much chocolate milk, there is nothing to worry about.

A dog with mild chocolate poisoning can vomit up what it has eaten, but dogs with severe chocolate poisoning become very ill. Tell your vet what kind of chocolate your dog ate and how you believe he ate it. If the vet does not know your dog, provide information about its size and weight. Chocolate calculators are available at vet offices so the doctor can tell you if the amount of chocolate your dog is eating is too much of a problem. If your dog does not eat a lot of chocolate, your vet may want you to monitor him for signs of death. Chocolate addiction in dogs manifests itself in the following ways:

It takes hours for symptoms of chocolate poisoning to appear in dogs after eating. Cardiac arrhythmia (abnormal heartbeat), respiratory failure, or central nervous system dysfunction are the most common causes of death.

If your dog has chocolate poisoning, the vet can induce vomiting to remove the poison from the animal. After this, activated charcoal is given to the dog every few hours to prevent absorption of theobromine. If your pet is in severe distress, intravenous fluids are used to flush out residual theobromine. Because theobromine has a long half-life, symptoms of chocolate poisoning can last for several days. Side effects are also managed, and a dog with a fast heart rate may be prescribed medication to bring it back to normal.

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