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Life after death – Once on the beach, a man named Gopal drowned in the sea. When he called for help, a nearby fisherman dove in to find him. Instead of saving the drowning Gopal, he brought Gopal’s shirt. We can all agree that the work of a fisherman is useless.

What Happens To Soul When You Die

What Happens To Soul When You Die

This simple metaphor is meant to show that healing the body alone will not heal the soul. In this world, everyone is worried about the body, just as the shirt is about the soul, and the soul is not thought of. We all know that a living body is different from a dead body. The body is alive because consciousness permeates the entire body. Lord Krishna teaches us that the soul, the smallest part of him, is the source of this knowledge. A wise man must learn to distinguish between a dead body and a living body. Technical

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Knowledge begins when the difference between spirit and purpose is recognized. As Lord Krishna says in Bhagavad Gita (BG) 2.17, the consciousness of the whole body is the main factor that distinguishes the living body from the dead body.

Translation: “The whole body should know that it is indestructible. Nothing can destroy that transitory soul.” [BG 2.17]

In the Vedas, the soul is called Jiva or Atman. But in an impure form the jiva enters the physical body. This soul continues to pass through the body from one body to another, including the current body. As Lord Krishna rightly said in Bhagavad Gita 2.13:

Translation: “When the soul passes through the body, in this body, from childhood to youth to old age, the soul also passes through another body at death. A reasonable man will not be deceived by such a change.”[BG 2.13]

Getting Answers: Does Our Soul Survive Bodily Death?

The image above shows that the soul in this body is constantly changing from childhood to youth to old age. Educated people who understand the essence of the soul do not mourn because they understand death as a means for the soul to descend into a new body. And death for the ignorant is the greatest delusion. Krishna says this at the beginning of the Bhagavad Gita when Arjuna cries out that he must kill his teacher and grandfather whom he loves so much. Krishna assures Arjuna, “My dear friend, there is no such thing as death, it is only an illusion.”

The image above shows the transfer of a soul from one body to another. Even from the human body it can be transferred to a smaller body such as a plant, insect or animal. So what determines our bodies? It is the very ability to take another body at the moment of death according to our memories.

The body in which the soul lives is divided into two parts: one is the gross body (earth, water, fire, air, ether) and the other is the conscious body (in which there is mind, knowledge and false money). When we pass from one body to another, only the bad body dies. The conscious body moves us from one body to another. We will not change our thoughts, our thoughts and false thoughts. These three things keep us going. You may have noticed that as a child grows, certain behaviors develop. We see that some children are very peaceful while others are very aggressive. It’s not like people are taught to do bad things. As the body develops, many gross features emerge from the subtle body.

What Happens To Soul When You Die

Gopal and Ram are twins. But later Gopal became a professor at a prestigious university and Ram excelled in the field of art.

What Physically Happens When You Die?

You will find many such examples. In addition to nature, the gross body is also influenced by the subtle body. So mind, wisdom and fake money are still in the soul. When the soul is separated from the mind, reason and false thoughts, then it is liberated. One can directly see Krishna in this form. Liberation means getting rid of evil and subtle bodies while maintaining complete attachment to Lord Krishna. This is the basic teaching of the Bhagavad Gita.

When death comes, all our conscious desires dissolve in our mind and it transfers us to a new body. As the wind carries the fragrance of flowers from one place to another, the conscious body carries the soul from one body to another. Therefore, different people have different needs. Even if two siblings are born in the same family, they will have different tastes because they carry their own karma/mindset. This mind is different from the mind of the soul. Therefore, the mind of the body and the mind of the soul are different. The soul has its spiritual body, which includes the mind, ears, eyes, heart, and other organs.

The body mind, consciousness and false ego are part of the conscious body, while earth, water, fire, air and ether are the negative body. We must go beyond our experience beyond these evil and subtle bodies to understand ourselves (the soul). This is why Lord Krishna described the soul:

Translation: “Some think that the soul is wonderful, others say that it is wonderful, others hear that it is wonderful, and some do not know about it even after hearing it. between soul and soul? What happens to the soul and spirit when a person dies? You asked, the Bible answered.

When You Die You Know You Are Dead: Major Study Shows Mind Still Works After The Body Shows No Signs Of Life

Brother Bob Pellien: Hello, welcome to this program. My name is Bob Pellien and thank you for joining us on this episode of That’s In The Bible.

Today we will discuss the questions of what happens to the soul, what happens to the soul and body when a person dies? You know, friends, there are many questions that relate in one way or another to people’s death wishes and why someone dies.

Brother Bob: Thank you Danielle for the question. You know, like I said, there are a lot of questions about people’s wishes after death and the afterlife. Here’s another one from Jessie:

What Happens To Soul When You Die

Brother Bob: Thank you Danielle and Jessie for such interesting questions. You see, three things happen in the Bible. These three things act and affect the three parts of man. First, what are the three parts of man? Let us begin to turn the pages of the scriptures and look for the answers we need, 1 Thessalonians 5:23 says:

Socrates’ Philosophy On The Life After Death: [essay Example], 1273 Words Gradesfixer

May the God of peace sanctify you completely; for all your souls, your souls, and your bodies must be kept from sin at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Therefore, the whole person, or man, consists of three parts, as we just read from the Holy Bible: soul, spirit and body. So what happens to each of the three parts of a person? When we look at Ecclesiastes 12:7, we look again in the Bible for the Lord’s answer and it says:

Then the dust (from which God created the human body) returns to the earth, to its former state, and the soul returns to God who gave it.

Therefore, dear friends, the Bible teaches us what happens in two of the three areas. As already mentioned, the body returns to the dust from which God created the human body, and the soul, or “breath of life” as described in Genesis, is from God.

Death Not Necessarily The End

So two. What does God say will happen in the third part, which is the soul? And this is the part where people get confused or confused. What happens to the soul? Will it survive? So many say what many teach, what many religions teach, that they are still alive and going to a place called a sort of purgatory for purification and other popular doctrines. for the soul

But we here in the Church of Christ only ask about the Bible. Will the ghost survive, become a ghost and scare people in the middle of the night? There are things that people believe. Hollywood has made many movies about it. So, friends, let’s go to the Bible to know the Bible’s teaching and the truth about it. Ezekiel 18:4 explains the answer we seek by saying:

The soul of one

What Happens To Soul When You Die

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