What Are The Best Questions To Ask When Interviewing Someone – Part of the debt-free journey is doing everything you can to maximize your income and minimize your expenses. And in the process of getting out of debt, you might find yourself trying to sell everything you own so you can get enough money to break even faster.

We have definitely listed many items for sale online as part of our debt free journey. It sickens me to think that we have thoughtlessly bought so many things that clutter up our homes and add no real value to our lives. Why did we buy all these things?!

What Are The Best Questions To Ask When Interviewing Someone

What Are The Best Questions To Ask When Interviewing Someone

This debt-free journey has made me examine my life in many ways, one of which is revealing how and why I spend my money. I finally realized that money is a valuable asset that should never be wasted and should be spent in a way that aligns with my priorities and values ​​in life.

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Money for the things I love most. The two things I love most in life are the theater and travel, but I never spend money on those things. When we’re completely debt-free, we’ll go on big family vacations and buy season tickets to the theater—and I won’t feel guilty, because those are the things.

Expense (Unlike a million fast food bars, which – let’s face it – add 0 value to my life).

Money is a valuable asset that should never be wasted and should be spent in a way that is consistent with your values ​​and priorities.

In other words, I went beyond buying things because I had a bad day and “deserved it.” Do you know what I deserve? Experience the debt free life of financial freedom. A chance to have options and peace and live exactly the way I want. And these things, my friends, are far more valuable than anything you can buy in a store.

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So today I encourage you to start questioning why and how you spend your money. And I encourage you to spend your money in a way that is consistent with your priorities and values ​​in life.

To help you along the way, I’ve listed 15 things to consider before you buy.

1. Do I need it or just want it? One of the fastest ways to get out of debt is to limit your spending to the essentials. True, honest, really important. If you absolutely don’t need it (and spoiler alert: you probably have very little need that you don’t already have), then you should consider not buying it. Plain and simple.

What Are The Best Questions To Ask When Interviewing Someone

2. Can I borrow it? If it’s something you need, you may be able to borrow it and save money. Can you borrow an item from a friend or neighbor? Consider using the library for books, audiobooks, and even movies. Borrow this power tool from a friend that you only need to use occasionally.

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3. Can I exchange it? You can save on exchange fees. Are there any special skills you can offer? You don’t need to have any special talent to trade. Consider offering to drive the kids or car to soccer practice. Maybe you can babysit your neighbor’s kids in exchange for washing your driveway/fixing your car/painting your guest room/whatever skills they can provide.

4. Can I use it? There is a gold mine that you can find at very affordable prices if you are willing to wait. Try searching Facebook Marketplace (my favorite), your local Goodwill or thrift store, eBay, Craigslist, or Poshmark. The list goes on and on.

5. Can I do without it? Is this a must have? Or is it just a “good” one? Many things we think we need, we can really do without. See #1 above.

6. Can I pay it in cash? If you’ve been on this blog for more than 5 seconds, you know I never tell you to go into debt for anything. Financing anything without your home is a risk I no longer want to take in my life – and it’s a risk I recommend you remove from your life as well. If you can’t pay cash, you can’t pay it. period of time

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7. Is it foreseen in the budget? It’s a rule I admit I’m guilty of breaking at times. But it’s what helps me stay in line when I sometimes want to fall apart. The advantage of zero-based budgeting is that it is difficult to make unplanned purchases. So if it’s not in the budget and you haven’t planned for it, shopping can blow your entire budget. If you didn’t plan for it, don’t buy it! Make a payment plan for it and budget for expenses properly.

8. What do I need now? If you can put off spending, you’ll be surprised how much later you won’t want to spend a little more time. If you don’t need it now (and obviously few items except diapers, toothpaste, and toilet paper do), add it to your “stop shopping list.” Wait 24 hours before buying and check if you still want it.

I go one step further and keep a 30-day shopping list in the notes section of my phone. I write down what I want and the date, then periodically scroll through the list to see if I still want the item.

What Are The Best Questions To Ask When Interviewing Someone

Here we are in June and there are items on last November’s list that I still haven’t purchased. Worse – there are things on the list that I don’t even know

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. Example: Everlane Day Market Bag in Cognac. Of course, this is the bag I once wanted, but as I sit here right now, I can’t even tell you what the bag is.

What does all this tell me? I think I don’t want these things. And what’s better? I did not spend my money on it

9. Do I already have something similar? I’m looking at you 432 pairs of black yoga pants! Before you spend money on something new, ask yourself if you already have something that might work. Being imaginative

10. Why do I want to buy this? This is huge, people. Before you buy something, ask yourself – really ask yourself why. And ask why until you understand.

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Why do you want to buy this product? What do you think they give you that you don’t have?

Does it make you feel happier, more beautiful, more powerful, like you belong there, like you finally made it? Are you buying it just because you think people will like you more or because you are inspired to own it? Do you do something that you are embarrassed or ashamed of?

It took me years to realize, but buying something you don’t need doesn’t improve your life. In fact, it will do the exact opposite. It clutters your home, forces you to spend more time and money on taking care of your belongings, and possibly puts you into debt to pay off past due bills. By forcing yourself to work more and more, Increase your ability. Live as you are

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11. Am I getting the best offer? Long ago I heard that “any fool can pay full price.” It made me laugh, but it got me thinking. Now I am not as lazy as I would like. Saving was never my main goal – debt freedom was. But the two go hand in hand, and I’m learning more about frugality as I continue my debt-free journey. All that being said, there are a lot of people out there who are thrifty – a lot more than me, and knowing that getting a good deal on the things you buy is key. Use coupons, find cash back programs, used or on sale. And remember, any fool can pay full price.

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12. Is it on my 30-day shopping list? I talked about my 30 day shopping list above. But you don’t have to be too extreme. He can try for a week or 24 hours. Just applying a waiting period before buying ensures that you only buy what you really want. So before your next purchase, ask yourself if it’s on your shopping list.

13. How much did I have to do for this job/how many hours of my life is this? I learned this concept from the book “Your Money or Your Life”. This book advises you to think about shopping during the hours of your life. Because at the end of the day, if you have to work for money, like most of us do, you buy

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