How To Talk To A Friend About Their Drinking – When I decided to have gastric bypass surgery three years ago, my decision was completely mine. Sure, I saw Al Rocker and Carney Wilson on TV, but the final decision was in my hands.

Before the surgery, I really thought it was the easy way out. After the surgery, I know this is far from the truth. I also know that obesity, especially mine, was something I rarely liked to talk about, let alone listen to other people’s advice.

How To Talk To A Friend About Their Drinking

How To Talk To A Friend About Their Drinking

Think about it. Fat people probably know more about diet and exercise than those who are “fit.” We went to all kinds of restaurants, bought exercise equipment, gym memberships and diet pills. We tried articles, levels, seeds and hypnosis. We also know that losing weight is important and perhaps the most important thing we can try in our lives.

Infographic: Helping A Friend In Need

Weight loss and obesity have been shown to improve or reverse the effects of obesity. Diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, and even depression can have a significant impact on weight loss.

The problem is; however, how to approach a close friend or loved one to talk about their health and obesity. The answer is very subtle.

First of all, always remember what I said before. Now you are trying to tell us, your friends, what we already know. Our health will be greatly improved if we lose weight. Second, you are going to discuss specific and specific issues. Finally, losing weight is probably the hardest thing we’ve ever tried to do in our lives, and it’s a source of great frustration.

Only you know how you can penetrate someone’s life. Pay attention to the subtle feelings of love for your loved one and stop the conversation.

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Like I said, we know that losing weight is good for us, but it’s only failure and disappointment that hold us back. Let them know how much you care. Emphasize that this conversation has nothing to do with their personality. Remind them that they are there for you as they are and that you want them to be there for as long as possible.

3. Give information… not diet advice. Use the internet or your library to research the benefits of weight loss and provide your favorite research to support your advice.

4. Keep going If you want to go far, you have to be willing to go all the way. Don’t stop at the words “I’m here for you” or “If you need anything, call me.” Continue. Attend these weight loss sessions with them. Follow the same diet and exercise program they can follow.

How To Talk To A Friend About Their Drinking

5. Never ask for a diet or surgery. Once the topic is explained, discuss it with them in different ways. If you come up with something and it doesn’t work, you’ll probably want to blame yourself for everything. Let’s make decisions, lend a hand along the way.

How To Talk To Your Friend About Their Drinking Problem

Let’s say you’re thinking of talking to a friend. Maybe someone you have a really good relationship with, but not as close as family. Remember to do your homework before talking to your friend. A lot of information can be easily found online, in your library, or even at your doctor’s office.

Before approaching a friend, think about the situation. Would you accept the advice of a friend or would you find it intrusive or distracting? Treat your friend as you would like to be treated and approach them accordingly. Let them know that you are concerned and that you are not judging them. Hope to help as much as possible. Even if you can’t attend their meetings, an open ear is always appreciated. Trust me, we can all use some support, even if it’s just a phone call away.

Above all, remember that only your loved one or friend can make the final decision. No diet, exercise, surgery, or program will help unless we are committed to helping ourselves. And that’s your goal…so that we can help ourselves. With your help, success is possible.

Gary J. Visio, Esq. is an attorney specializing in bar surgery denials, compensation and appeals, and obesity discrimination. She underwent bariatric surgery in July 2003 and has lost over 160 pounds to date. He serves on the Obesity Advisory Council, the Obesity Advisory Group, and the Board of Directors of the Spinal Cord Injury Association. He has been involved in insurance litigation for nearly 15 years.

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Treating obesity requires a collaborative approach with knowledgeable and compassionate health professionals. Find a health professional to discuss your weight and health at If all of your conversations are interesting and none of them raise questions, you can stop reading now: this story is not for you. If you’re like the rest of us and sometimes wish you could have a good conversation, then you’ve come to the right place.

We can improve our communication skills, says UC San Diego psychology professor Gail Hayman. Some people may be good communicators from the get-go, but Hayman advises against “spending a lot of time thinking about” normal differences “in this or that area of ​​life,” because then you start going in counterproductive directions like feeling superior or inferior. It’s best to focus on things you have control over, and there’s a lot you can do to improve communication. »

Heyman’s specialty is social awareness – or the mindset of people as they navigate the world. An award-winning teacher and accomplished researcher, she has studied how children learn to lie and cheat and has tried, among other things, to reduce racial bias. He is also interested in cultural influences on cognition and how people trust people.

How To Talk To A Friend About Their Drinking

Along with her husband and one of their three children, Hayman created a free app called Above Small Talk (for iOS and Android). The app, inspired by an in-depth interview with a colleague who has worked for many years and thinks he knows the secrets (but I don’t), offers private conversations to help you get to know the people around you better.

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Based on research from the program as well as ongoing research, Heyman also offers general advice on how to communicate effectively with others.

Also, before you panic and think you’re in front of the host: Does Heyman himself always start good conversations? He said, “Not at all. “I’m shy and sometimes I want to hide in a corner instead of trying to have a conversation. And, like most people, I tend to get stressed, drawn into everything, and because of that I can be very distracted when talking to people.

“However, I’m a curious person and I’m always trying to discover what I can learn from the people I meet. Plus, I don’t care much if someone cares about me, and that really helps.”

Talk, have heart-to-heart conversations: conversations come in all forms. There is no one type that suits everything and every group.

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“Something can be considered a good conversation if it does what the people involved want,” Heyman said. “People have different goals in conversation, and sometimes those goals are strategic, like getting someone to agree with you or make you feel like you’re there. Such discussions are important, but I don’t really care.

“I’m interested in conversations where people gain new knowledge about each other, themselves or the world — the kind of conversations students often have when they live in the dorms and stay ahead of the curve,” he said. they should. . I loved those talks and still remember some of them. After college, I realized that people around me don’t often have these conversations, I miss them.

Heyman’s preference for deep conversations comes not only from the idea that “it’s fun on the inside, but also because it can build trust and strengthen relationships.” Research also shows that these conversations can benefit people’s health. Many different lines of work lead to the conclusion that better communication is better for you.

How To Talk To A Friend About Their Drinking

In one study, for example, researchers recorded people’s conversations over four days and transcribed them. “They found that people who spent less time alone and more time with others were more satisfied with their lives and that meaningful conversations (than small talk) were also associated with better well-being,” Heyman said.

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“Also, we know that private conversations are happening

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