How To Remove Old Emails From Gmail – Gmail’s generous free storage is a double-edged sword. With gigabytes of free data, the service makes email cleaning our last priority, leaving us with hundreds – sometimes thousands – of emails.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to delete each email at once (also known as bulk delete).

How To Remove Old Emails From Gmail

How To Remove Old Emails From Gmail

All you need is a laptop, your Gmail account and a few minutes to delete every email in your Gmail inbox.

Of The Best Gmail Filters To Organize Your Inbox

The easiest way to delete emails in Gmail is to sort them by category, that is, by deleting emails in a category.

To keep things short, we’ll show you how to delete the main category of your email, and then you can use the same steps for the other two categories.

In this case, 50 email addresses are selected from the page. If you have more than 50 primary email addresses, you may not be able to get them all. In the next step, we will tackle the rest of the basic emails.

Each selected email will turn into a dark shadow. This means that every one of these emails will be deleted.

Remove Old Emails From Gmail Matching Criteria Automatically

Once you’ve checked the consent box, you’ll see that everything on the page is checked, except for mail ads.

You’ll see a small text at the top of the screen: “50 conversations have been selected on this page. Select all X conversations at the beginning.”

Place the cursor on the second sentence and click. Everything in the group is now highlighted and ready to be deleted.

How To Remove Old Emails From Gmail

A pop-up will appear asking you to confirm that you want to delete X number of emails.

What Happens If You Delete Gmail App From Phone

This may take some time if you have thousands of emails. Since there were only 955 conversations, it only took a few seconds.

When the process is complete, you will see a small confirmation in the bottom left corner of the screen. Something like this:

If you click the refresh button you will see that everything is gone and the main inbox is empty of emails.

Your home folder is empty, but that doesn’t mean that Gmail’s deleted emails are gone.

Gmail Cleanup: Unleash The Power Of An Organized Inbox

As you can see when you click on the delete button, all emails will be stored in trash for about 30 days. Google will remove it only after that time.

If you want to speed up the process, you can go to the Trash folder and empty it manually. When you’re done, repeat the same process for the social and advertising categories.

Our cell phones are gadgets that are connected to us. So it makes sense how to delete your email on your mobile phone.

How To Remove Old Emails From Gmail

Step 33: In the email list, click the round thumbnail that represents the user’s profile picture. This should change the thumbnail to a checkbox.

Easy Ways To Delete Archived Emails In Gmail: 2 Methods

Step 44: Select the email you want to delete from your inbox and then click on the trash can at the top of your device’s screen.

As you can see, this is not the best way to delete your email. If you want to remove all correspondence from the mailbox. A more convenient option is to use the desktop to clean up Gmail.

Now let’s focus on cleaning Gmail for Android devices. Follow these steps to get a clean inbox:

Step 33: Click to the left of the email you want to delete. You can also tap and hold to select a message.

How To Delete Older Emails In Gmail Automatically

Step 44: Click the icons next to the emails you want to delete from your Gmail inbox.

Again, emptying the inbox takes a long time like iOS. It is much better to use a desktop computer or laptop.

Fortunately, you can delete them all at once without having to manually scroll down to find Gmail. Here’s how to delete your old emails from Gmail:

How To Remove Old Emails From Gmail

Enter the date in YYYY/DD/MM format in the search field. It will automatically filter emails to a specific date.

How To Get Rid Of Promotional Emails Using Gmail

For example, if you type: 01/1/2014, you’ll see a list of all emails you’ve received since January 1, 2014.

You won’t see a list of all emails older than a year. You can use the same way.

Select all conversations that match this search and finally click on the Delete button.

To make things easier, you can set a filter to automatically remove old emails from your inbox. Here’s how to do it:

Get Gmail To Stop Archiving And Start Deleting

Step 11: Sign in to your Gmail account and click on the Settings icon. It’s the little gear-shaped icon in the top-right corner of the screen.

Step 33: Click on the Filters and Blocked Addresses tab on the top menu bar. From there, select the option to create a new filter.

For X, you have to give the time you want to delete old messages. You can also use multiple days, w weeks, m months, y years.

How To Remove Old Emails From Gmail

Step 66: You will then see a pop-up asking you to confirm that you want to create a filter. Okay fine

How To Delete All Or Multiple Emails In Gmail At Once

Step 77: Click the box next to the Remove it option and also click the Apply filter check box.

Step 22: Click Continue in the section containing your search criteria. The screen should look similar to the part that appeared when the filter was installed.

You might wonder why Google should go through the trouble of deleting all those emails when you have gigabytes of storage.

The whole purpose of sending an email is to convey information. When you received an email six years ago, that message is no longer relevant.

How To Clear Your Gmail Inbox

Imagine you have letters from an employee who left your company three years ago. Just think: What would be the benefit of keeping your ex-employee’s emails?

So, it makes sense that emails contain important information. But if you don’t have a lot of email, it’s best to click Trash.

You can organize all emails into different folders related to a specific client or project. But no one can deny that it’s easier to visually scroll through 40 email lists than 400.

How To Remove Old Emails From Gmail

In fact, even if you use Gmail’s filtering option to reduce the number of results, it doesn’t beat the convenience of viewing a short list. Not only humans but also our computers take more time to find information in databases with more records.

How To Delete Old Emails, Tweets, And Files

In addition to browsing speed, the more memory your email client has, the less you have for other operating systems or operating systems. As a result, your email client will take longer to start and sync with the server.

Even a single backup takes longer and eventually grows to a prohibitive size. Although hard disk space is cheap, it is much more manageable. “I’m trying to delete all emails but I can only do one page at a time. I’ve selected all but it only works on one page at a time.” Sonia

Gmail is one of the easiest communication platforms. But when you’re faced with several large emails in your inbox, it can be overwhelming if you don’t know a quick way to delete all emails from Gmail at once.

Part 1: How to delete all emails at once in Gmail? 1. How do I delete all emails from my Gmail at once?

Gmail Faq: Deleting An Individual Email

Gmail’s user interface is generally user-friendly. But there are some tricks you should know before deleting all emails at once. Follow the steps below and you can control it by double clicking.

Step 1: You need to open the mailbox from which you want to clear emails. Basic, shared or social. When you log into Gmail there are 3 sections which are Basic, Social and Advertising. You just need to go to the section where you want to delete the emails.

Step 2: With the section you want to delete emails from open, click the small box above the “Send” button in the upper left corner of the current email page. This little box is an opt-in button that helps you speed up email onboarding. Click on that little box and all emails will be highlighted. When you click you will see 2 options above, “Select all 50 results on this page” and in the second sentence “Select all XXXX conversions”. Select the second option.

How To Remove Old Emails From Gmail

This is the total number of XXXX emails that are automatically selected in your inbox when you click the small box.

How To Delete Old Emails In Bulk With Tools Or Apps

Step 3: Click on the trash can icon in the upper left corner.

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