How To Get Help With Medical Debt – People are often ashamed of medical debt and see it as a personal failure. Actually, it’s more of a mass of suffering.

It is estimated that all Americans have at least $140 billion in unpaid medical debt. Lack of insurance and ever-increasing health care costs are two of the main reasons for the growing medical debt problem.

How To Get Help With Medical Debt

How To Get Help With Medical Debt

What happens if you can’t pay your hospital bills? What if you have accumulated medical debt and cannot afford to pay it on time? In both cases, the consequences can be serious.

Debt Relief Campaigns

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, a nonprofit health policy analysis organization, people can forego the care they need, including doctor visits, tests, treatments and prescription drugs. They may have trouble paying other bills, spend their savings, damage their credit, or even file for bankruptcy.

Many people in the US do not pay their medical bills because they cannot afford them. According to the US Census Bureau, 19 percent of American households cannot afford out-of-pocket health care. Households with children are more likely to have unpaid healthcare bills than households without children.

Lack of insurance is one of the most common causes of unpaid medical debt. About 27.3 million US residents under the age of 65 are uninsured in the US. They may not be able to get insurance through their workplace, or they may be self-employed and unable to pay the high premiums. Regardless of the reason, the lack of health insurance can quickly become a financial burden that those seeking health care cannot afford.

People typically respond to medical debt by postponing vacations, major home purchases, cutting back on household expenses, working more, borrowing from friends and family, and using retirement or college savings accounts to pay those bills. And of course, many medical debts remain unpaid.

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If you’re uninsured, you can check the federal health care marketplace for coverage options or contact your local health department to find out if you’re eligible for Medicaid.

When healthcare bills start piling up, it’s important to be proactive and not ignore the situation. If you have medical debt that you can’t pay, try these debt reduction tips to minimize the impact of your bills on your finances, health, and future.

Various sources report that 7.1% to 80% of medical bills contain errors. The actual percentage can be guessed, but the risk of error is obvious.

How To Get Help With Medical Debt

So how do you find errors on your medical bills? Sean Fox, co-president of San Mateo, Calif.-based Freedom Debt Relief, advises that you should start reviewing your insurer’s explanation of benefits, preferably as soon as you receive them.

An Ounce Of Prevention: Reforming The Hospital Financial Assistance Law Could Save Pounds Of Patient Debt

Look for duplicate products, services you didn’t receive, services you didn’t recognize, and charges your policy should cover. Check your health care provider’s bills to make sure your insurance is paying them correctly. Call your insurance company or the provider’s billing department to clarify anything you don’t understand or investigate any errors, he says.

A more advanced technique is to get a copy of your medical records and try to compare them to the charges you were charged. You may need professional help to protect and understand these records.

If your healthcare provider doesn’t provide you with an itemized bill, don’t hesitate to ask them to check exactly what services were billed for and how much each service cost.

If you want to negotiate your bill, talk to a healthcare billing manager, who is the person who has the authority to lower your bill. Don’t wait until your account becomes insolvent or goes into collection, as that’s when it can affect your credit score. Talk to someone when you get your bill to check it’s correct.

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If you are on a low income or have financial difficulties, even if it is entirely due to medical bills, please contact Financial Difficulties. Charity hospital help may be available depending on your income and savings. According to Fox, state law requires some hospitals to offer free or discounted services to low-income patients. When you get your bill, tell your providers if your health problems have affected your income and ability to pay.

One strategy for justifying lower fees is to compare the prices you charge to the prices charged by other providers in your area. Use sites like or to find out how much you’ll pay. If you have health insurance, your insurance company’s website may also have a tool that allows you to get an estimate of the treatment costs of various procedures.

One strategy is to ask for an aggressive discount in exchange for immediate payment. For example, you can ask your supplier if they will credit the remaining balance if you pay 30% of your bill now. This strategy may work because your supplier will save time and money by not having to bill you for months or years.

How To Get Help With Medical Debt

If you can’t pay even part of the entire bill right away, try asking for a 25% discount if you pay a large down payment now. A less aggressive strategy is to ask if the provider collects a reduced fee paid by Medicare or Medicaid.

What To Do When Your Medical Bills Go To Debt Collections

If you can’t arrange a reduced payment, ask about a zero interest payment plan. Whatever your supplier agrees to, get them in writing.

Few healthcare clients are medical billing professionals. The wise choice is the one that offers help. These professionals can reduce debt when you can’t or are too shy to try.

Medical billing advocates include insurance agents, nurses, attorneys, and healthcare administrators who can help you interpret and lower your bills. They look for mistakes, negotiate invoices and complain about overcharges. Some hourly rates can range up to $100 or more. Others charge a fee of 25-35 percent of the amount by which your bill is reduced.

You can also ask to speak with a hospital or insurance company social worker if you need help understanding your bills and resolving payment issues, Fox says. A social worker can refer you to charities, churches, community organizations and government agencies that can provide financial assistance.

Organizations That Will Help You Pay Your Medical Bills

In March 2022, major consumer credit reporting companies revealed ways to reduce the impact of medical debt on consumers’ debt collection. These included e.g.

The first two decisions were to enter into force on July 1, 2022, and the third in the first half of 2023.

In April 2022, the Biden administration announced a series of measures aimed at minimizing the burden of medical debt and collection abuse. These included a ban on medical debt being considered when evaluating applications for federal loan programs.

How To Get Help With Medical Debt

Inequities in the U.S. health care system affect millions of people, but few can be certain they won’t face health issues beyond coverage and ability to pay. Take control of what you can by making sure your medical bills are accurate, negotiating lower payments, and knowing your medical debt collection rights. And if you can’t handle these tasks yourself, ask for help from an outside expert.

Help With Medical Bills

When the medical debt remains unpaid, the healthcare provider can transfer it to a collection agency. In the worst case scenario, you could be sued for unpaid medical bills. If you lose the case, the creditor or debt collector may take steps to seize your bank account or garnish wages as payment.

After enough time has passed, unpaid medical debts cannot be collected within your state’s debt statute of limitations. This means you can no longer sue these medical bills. However, this does not remove the debt or the associated credit report.

If you have unpaid medical bills, creditors can agree to eliminate the debt. This way you can pay less than you owe to repay the debt and the rest will be forgiven. You can negotiate the debt settlement yourself or have a debt counseling company do it for you.

Unpaid medical bills can hurt your credit score if these debts are reported to the credit bureaus. It is important to note that consumer credit bureaus have established measures to minimize the impact of such reports, as discussed above.

State Protections Against Medical Debt: A Look Policies Across Us

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