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If you’ve ever had a problem with gophers in your yard, you know what a pest they can be. Not only do they destroy your valuable plants, but they also create unsightly holes and debris in your landscape. Although small, even one gopher in your yard can make a big difference. Gophers are vegetarians and mostly eat roots, vegetables and other plants they can find. They may dig several holes in your garden each month in search of food.

How Do You Get Rid Of Gophers Without Killing Them

How Do You Get Rid Of Gophers Without Killing Them

Gopher holes are not only unsightly, they can be dangerous. Gophers can accidentally chew through grounded utilities, which can be an expensive repair. Also, as more and more gopher tunnels are created, you could end up with a sinkhole on your hands that can be dangerous to anyone walking through your yard. Gophers, like many other animals, are also known to carry harmful pests such as lice, ticks and fleas, putting you and your pets at risk of contracting an unwanted pest.

Tips For Identifying Moles, Voles, Gophers

Gophers are not without natural predators. Large animals such as skunks and snakes often prey on gophers. But that in itself can be a problem for homeowners. The last thing you want is an influx of skunks into your yard looking for a meal. Obviously, gophers are not something you want near your property. But how do you get them and how do you make sure that they last after exposure? When it comes to getting rid of gophers, you have three options: you can try to make your home less attractive, you can catch and release them, or you can poison them. Of course, killing animals should only be used as a last resort.

Direct trapping is one of the quickest and easiest ways to eliminate a gopher problem. Gopher traps are readily available at many local hardware stores and online. They are usually less expensive and can be used many times. To catch a gopher, you first need to know what areas it can go through. This should be pretty easy. Simply place the trap near the new gopher hole and it will likely stay there all day. Gopher traps can be baited with a small piece of food, such as lettuce.

Once a gopher is in a trap, they can’t back out. Be sure to check your traps regularly so you can release gophers quickly. Move the gopher trap to a nearby area away from the home. Open the trap and step aside to allow the gopher to continue on its way. When you get a gopher, be sure to fill all of its burrows. This deters other animals from living there.

Another way to repel gophers is to fill your yard with natural repellents. Using a repellent is considered one of the most humane ways to get rid of gophers. This is because you are not harming the animal or stressing it out. You do this to make your garden less attractive to them. There are many things you can use to repel gophers that you may currently have in your home.

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Common things like peppermint oil and always a softer cloth have been known to repel gophers. Starting at the corner of your backyard closet, you’ll want to place your chosen deterrent into the nearest gopher hole. Place the deterrent in a new set of gopher holes every other day until you reach the farthest corner of your yard. They should be gone by then. As with trapping, once you’re sure the gophers are gone, you’ll want to go through and fill all their holes.

Finally, the last way to get rid of a large gopher problem is to use rat poison. You can find several different types of cables at your local hardware store. Whatever you choose, be sure to read the labels carefully and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Remember that these types of toxins can be harmful to pets and people, so be sure to keep them away from dogs, cats, and children.

Once you’ve removed the scales from your yard, you’ll want to take extra steps to make sure they’re gone. First of all, remember to fill all the gopher holes at once. Not only does this eliminate a safety hazard for your yard, but you’ll quickly anticipate when the gophers will return.

How Do You Get Rid Of Gophers Without Killing Them

There are some things you can do to make your garden less friendly. Consider planting things that naturally repel gophers, such as lavender bushes, oleander, rosemary, and strawberries. In addition to natural plant repellants, you can also purchase an ultrasonic diffuser at your local hardware store. These small devices emit a sound that is imperceptible to humans but unbearable to rats.

How To Get Rid Of Gophers Permanently

If you are interested in planting gopher repelling plants in your yard, visit Cal Blend Soils. Our helpful staff can show you the best potting soil and other landscaping supplies to help your rosemary and other plants thrive. Gophers are a problem for many homeowners and can easily destroy a natural lawn, garden, flowers or fruit trees. As they tunnel underground in search of food, their burrows and mounds are at risk of falling, killing plants and trees as they eat the roots, and can even collapse driveways or patios as their tunnel systems weaken the ground beneath them.

Although many homeowners have never seen these soil dwellers in their gardens or lawns, you can easily see the results of their daily activities. Gophers rarely venture far from their tunnels and spend most of their time underground, so most gopher control methods involve killing them in their homes.

The most common lethal gopher control methods are by spreading poison pellets, gassing their tunnels, or setting traps. Using a garden hose to flood their tunnel systems is often seen as a way to encourage them to leave your property, but it actually drowns them, so we can add the garden hose method to the list of deadly dangers.

If other animals like dogs or cats use your garden, using poison or traps is not a good idea and can injure, injure or kill them. Gassing is generally considered a safe method to use if you have other animals, as you must hold your animals in place while the gassing takes place and the gas dissipates quickly. Therefore, your dogs or cats can spend time in your garden again on the same day.

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You should also avoid using poisons and traps if you have children or if children have access to your farm.

These lethal gopher control methods are very effective and widespread. However, none of them keep gophers out of your yard for long, and they all kill animals that go about their daily lives and accidentally cause damage.

For example, if you gas them in their tunnels, you may kill all or most of the gophers on your property; however, the gas dissipates quickly and you may have created a new gopher population on your property within months.

How Do You Get Rid Of Gophers Without Killing Them

Additionally, the number of homeowners willing to kill nuisance wildlife is declining as more people look for ways to contain gophers, rats, deer and other humane animals. After all, homeowners rarely want to kill rats and other wildlife just to kill them; all they want is for these animals to stop destroying their gardens and grass. Therefore, non-lethal, natural methods of repelling gophers and other unwanted animals are gaining popularity and are now increasingly used.

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If you have a gopher problem and want to try to get rid of gophers humanely before resorting to lethal methods, here are 13 common, non-lethal ways to get rid of gophers in your yard.

Place gopher mesh under natural lawns and ornamental landscaping areas. Chicken wire is often used for this purpose, but it doesn’t hold up nearly as well as galvanized gopher mesh (think: 1/2-inch hardware cloth), so get the right product for the job the first time to save more. headache and expense later.

Gopher mesh creates a barrier that prevents gophers from digging holes in your natural lawn or flowers, but it does not prevent them from eating the roots that grow into the mesh into the ground. So they can still kill your plants by eating them

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