Example Of Personal Balance Sheet And Income Statement – Expensive and contentious divorce proceedings often involve complex financial issues. On the other hand, these financial questions usually involve a company valuation and a large amount of documents and financial information. How lawyers and business valuers determine what is material and what is secondary One type of financial information that can have very different interpretations and meanings is personal financial statements.

Depending on the jurisdiction, most family law attorneys are familiar with the documents included in a divorce case, often called a financial affidavit, statement of assets/liabilities, marital balance, or divorce financial statement.

Example Of Personal Balance Sheet And Income Statement

Example Of Personal Balance Sheet And Income Statement

A personal financial statement is a similar document, usually submitted to a bank or financial institution for a loan, that reflects the financial situation and net worth of an individual or couple. In other words, it is an asset and liability statement that contains an estimate of the value of each item, similar to a balance sheet. Therefore, the net worth of a couple or individual is the sum of all assets minus the market value of all debts. The value of the most liquid assets, such as cash/bank accounts and investment/retirement accounts, can easily be found from recent bank statements. Market value estimates for other assets such as residential and personal real estate can be obtained from recent appraised values, recent purchases, property tax assessments, and/or real estate websites. If an individual or couple owns a business, their assets are usually valued. Since the company is an illiquid asset, the basis for estimating this value can vary widely.

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Rental/rental products: These properties are not included because they are not actually owned by couples or individuals. However, if a married couple rents out real estate they own to another person, it is recorded as an asset. In addition, some personal financial statements include all types of income and expense summaries, allowing personal financial statements to be used to obtain credit or provide additional insight into the overall financial health of a couple or individual. as a monthly or annual amount. to their net worth.

Personal property: This includes furniture, household items, etc. Generally, the value of these items is not immediately known and cannot be easily sold, so they are usually not considered credit. If you have high-value personal possessions, such as jewelry, cars, antiques, or collectibles, their value can be included in your appraisal as a source of value. A family law attorney will note that the value of personal property is also typically not listed in divorce filings. Opinions on value can vary widely, and often a person’s true worth may have more to do with emotional reasons than actual worth. Unfortunately, assigning a value to these elements, or choosing who will receive each element, can be one of the last and most difficult aspects of solving a case.

Family law attorneys, financial experts, and business appraisers must request personal financial statements as part of the disclosure or discovery process. If so, how important is this document and what importance should you place on it? Here are different views of the same document.

One way to look at personal financial statements is that no formal valuation process is used for the company’s assets. Therefore, it is at best a rough estimate of the company’s value. Has the business owner completed the form without external input, or has the business owner recently completed a business valuation or consulted with a business valuer? Usually the choice is closer to the former than the latter. It’s possible, but it’s worth asking about the status of your personal financial statements.

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Another view is that the individual or couple filing a personal financial statement, under penalty of perjury, certifies the accuracy and reliability of the financial data contained in that document. Additionally, some argue that business owners are the most informed people about their business, future growth opportunities, competition, and how economic and industry factors affect the business.

Considering how family law attorneys and business appraisers use personal financial statements? Fire them and throw them away? Do you use them as the gold standard and ignore formal business assessments? As always, the two maxims “it depends” and “the truth lies somewhere in the middle” are probably accurate in this situation. While personal financial statements can be useful, sometimes an independent third-party analysis of the company’s asset value can be lacking.

Lawyers and business valuers do not want to appear ignorant of existing information or documents. Therefore, ask for personal financial statements. They should be used as another data point in conjunction with other measures of value assessed by a business appraiser, such as asset value, revenue value, market value, and recent company stock trades.

Example Of Personal Balance Sheet And Income Statement

You should consider these factors, as well as recent trades in our stock and other market value indicators, such as our past transactions and planned sales/mergers. First, what is the lead time for personal financial statements or data points? Until the filing or trial date. In other words, the most recent personal financial statements and data points are more important than financial statements and data points from five or 10 years ago. Second, what was the basis, relevance and motive of the event? Why personal financial statements were filed or why the event was a transaction between two unrelated parties and not family members. Finally, does the value shown in personal financial statements or other event-based data points reflect elements of true market or strategic value? Latest issue

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Let’s look at some definitions of these value criteria as they relate to understanding and defining the overall task.

The value of a company’s personal financial statements may be given more weight if it does not exceed reasonable estimates based on other methodologies. Be careful if the value reported for the company on your personal financial statements is significantly higher or lower than the reasonable range indicated by other methodologies. In this case, the business appraiser may need to ask additional questions about the thought process behind the personal financial statement estimates and why circumstances have changed significantly between the application and now.

The bottom line is that you should search and review your personal financial statements before drawing conclusions about a company’s value, but they should be evaluated in conjunction with other factors and methodologies. These documents can be helpful in the divorce process, but don’t let them become the deciding factor without asking for them or knowing they exist.

Scott A. Womack Scott A. Womack, Senior Vice President, has more than 20 years of experience in business valuation. During his career as an appraiser, Scott has worked with clients in a variety of industries and areas including gift…Learn more ▻A personal financial statement is a document that summarizes an individual’s financial situation. A complete list of your personal assets and debts, income and expenses will be provided. This is usually required by financial institutions when applying for credit or a loan, and it indicates a person’s creditworthiness and ability to repay money.

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A personal financial statement is a summary of a person’s financial situation at a particular point in time. It contains a list of assets, liabilities, income and expenses to calculate your personal net worth and monthly profit or loss.

Financial statements consist of two parts: the balance sheet (assets and liabilities) and the profit and loss statement (monthly income and expenses).

To create accurate and up-to-date financial statements, be sure to compile a list of all assets, liabilities, income and expenses and their estimated cash values.

Example Of Personal Balance Sheet And Income Statement

A person’s net profit or loss is calculated by comparing cash inflows and cash inflows.

Accounting And Financial Statements

Include the total value of each asset class. If you have multiple accounts or items, add the separate amounts. More information is available in the appendix.

Current account [Amount available]

Real estate

Life insurance

The Important Role Of Personal Financial Statements In Divorce

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