Dave Ramsey Paying Off Student Loan Debt – The fastest growing debt in America is student loans. In fact, most students (65%) graduate with student debt.4 And the average student loan amount per borrower is $38,792, with an average monthly payment of $393.5.6.

This is a look at what’s happening with student loans in the United States today. But read the latest and interesting research on student loans.

Dave Ramsey Paying Off Student Loan Debt

Dave Ramsey Paying Off Student Loan Debt

There are two types of student loans: federal loans and private loans. As of January 2022, 43.4 million borrowers received federal student loans. This means that their loans are funded by the U.S. Department of Education.7 In fact, more than 90% of student loans are federal loans and fall under three major federal loan programs: Loans, Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL) and Perkins loans.8

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The FFEL program was the first federal student loan program established in 1965. Although the program was repealed in 2010 (meaning no new loans have been issued since), borrowers still must repay outstanding loans of the FFEL program, totaling $230 billion.9 Now, all new federal student loans must be available directly from the program. And there are three types of Direct Loans: Direct Subsidized Loans (based on financial need according to the FAFSA), Direct Unsubsidized Loans (no proof of financial need), and Direct PLUS Loans (to close the cost gap after that a student or parent has exhausted loan).personal loan).

Below is a breakdown of how much you owe and how many borrowers qualify for each major type of federal student loan.10

Interest rates on federal loans vary over time and depend on the type of loan and the payment date (also called the date the funds are paid to the borrower). Perkins Loans are the only exception. The fixed interest rate is 5%.

Currently, due to the CARES Act, interest rates on federal student loans are temporarily 0%. However, once closed, the interest rates for direct loans disbursed between July 1, 2021 and July 1, 2022 will be as follows:11

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The pandemic has certainly had an impact on many areas, including the student loan industry. The CARES Act suspended federal student loan payments starting in March 2020. However, a backup is planned for September 1, 2022.

The good news is that no interest accrues when your payments are blocked. So now is the perfect time to invest your money in federal loans because the money goes directly to your principal! But not everyone is taking advantage of the situation. As of the first quarter of 2022, federal student debt (direct loans and FFEL program loans held by the Department of Education) is as follows:

Although only 1% of federal student loan accounts are in repayment, it is unclear how many people will actually repay their student loans during the pandemic. However, according to the 2022 State of Personal Finance Survey, six in ten people who took out student loans did not do so.

Dave Ramsey Paying Off Student Loan Debt

If payments are interrupted during the pandemic, the loan will be repaid. This means that when student loan relief ends, it will by definition be a rude awakening for most people.

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) from a bank, credit union, state credit union, or other type of financial institution. Private student loans generally cost more (the interest rate is 14.18%). As of January 13, 2022, private loans accounted for approximately 8.4% of all student loans, but the national balance of private student debt still exceeded $140 billion. 14

So if 45 million Americans have student debt, let’s talk about how they’re paying it off (or not).

On average, it takes Americans 20 years to pay off their college loans, but it can take 45 years or more. The loan balance increases over the first five years.16

What does it look like in real life? Well, if you pay an average of $393 per month on $38,792 in student loans at an interest rate of 5.8%, it would take 11 years to pay them off. Plus, you’ll pay $14,052.09 in interest alone!

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Or, if it took you 30 years to repay the same loan (with monthly payments of $227), you would end up accumulating $43,526.30 in interest. That’s more than the principal borrowed! Ouch.

And if you’re wondering if your student debt (and all that interest) is worth it, listen to this: Although 44 percent of high school graduates go on to a four-year college, only two-thirds of them make it. Graduation.18

19 And if you take out a student loan but don’t graduate, you’ll still have to repay the loan plus interest. This

Dave Ramsey Paying Off Student Loan Debt

The problem with student loans is that people continue to pay for college after leaving their alma mater. Americans ages 30 to 39 have the most student debt, totaling $504 billion, but those ages 18 to 29 aren’t far behind, with $357 billion in student debt. No student loans at all. In fact, they collectively owe about $25 billion.21

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But we don’t really know if this sum corresponds to a degree obtained later in life, to debt acquired earlier, or to loans taken out to send one’s children or grandchildren to school.

Fun fact: Student loans began in 1957, in part to train more scientists and engineers to beat Russia in the space race. Estimated reason why the number of university students increased from 3.6 million in 1960 to 7.5 million in 197022.

But college attendance isn’t the only thing that has increased over the decades. As mentioned earlier, student loans are the fastest growing debt in America. In fact, it has increased by about 157% since the Great Recession of 2007. Student debt continues to rise as students graduate.24

The overall cost of living has also increased over the past 30 years. The cost of higher education has risen much faster than in other areas, including health, housing and food. Since 1994, education spending has increased by more than 436%25.

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And that leads to higher tuition fees and an increased cost of living. . . (You guessed it) no more student debt. Students are more tempted than ever to take out loans for their studies without taking into account the real costs.

Yes, these numbers can be a little overwhelming (especially if you’re a high school senior or your child is about to go to college). But there is hope. Remember that 1) there are high-paying jobs that don’t require a degree, and 2) there are ways to get a degree without going into debt, even if costs rise.

These numbers show the reality of the student loan crisis, but that doesn’t mean they should become just another statistic.

Dave Ramsey Paying Off Student Loan Debt

In fact, 47% of young adults delayed purchasing a home due to student loans, and 21% even waited until marriage.27 Additionally, 60% of graduates with student loans reported that they couldn’t afford to buy a house. retirement savings track.28

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And don’t forget there’s $25 billion for people over 70. Even during what should be the golden years of retirement, some Americans are still saddled with student loans.

Our own quarterly survey found that 71% of people who took out a student loan to pay for college said they would have had a better education before taking out the loan. More than half (53%) regret taking out student loans, and 43% of those who took out student loans regret going to college.

. Nonetheless, students are told to do whatever they can (including borrowing money) to get a college degree.

Additionally, 22% of borrowers who graduated in the 2015-2016 school year had difficulty repaying their student loans during their first year of college. degree, 44% of graduates found employment outside their field of study.30 It’s unclear whether this is due to student loans, but the pressure to pay certainly doesn’t help graduates get the jobs that interest them.

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Many Americans are feeling the burden of student debt, and everyone hopes to have their debt canceled. But while President Biden spent much of his campaign focused on canceling at least $10,000 in student debt per borrower, he has yet to deliver on that promise.

To be fair, Biden has canceled more than $15 billion in student debt for some borrowers since taking office. 31 However, it primarily implements or modifies existing federal student loan policies that protect borrowers from graduate students with disabilities. Schools are closed, people are working in government. And

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