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A few fun questions to ask your friends always help start a conversation. And today I’m sharing some really good ones.

Awkward Topics To Talk About With Friends

Awkward Topics To Talk About With Friends

I know the best questions to ask my friends because I’m an expert on good questions to ask. Check out just a few of the 150 articles I’ve written on this topic!

How To Play The Awkward Question Game: 9 Steps (with Pictures)

Going out with friends is all kinds of fun! But if you’re not fully prepared, you might find yourself in an awkward silence. Conversations are fundamental and very important in any kind of relationship and that’s what makes a hangout meaningful. No doubt you’ve heard it a thousand times, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s true. Having a list of fun questions to ask your friends ensures you’re always ready to start a conversation.

You can have some of the best conversations with your friends about the most random topics. “Who’s your favorite celebrity crush?” Forget questions like Turn a boring discussion into a great exchange with these fun questions that are sure to spark a colorful conversation.

A smile or gasp of surprise will undoubtedly be the first reaction. But this may be the first time he has to think about this scenario. Give them a moment to think about their answer.

Keep in mind that your answer might be useful one day. These often have an interesting story behind them, so be sure to expand them and reveal all the details.

Truth Or Dare Questions That Are Actually Good

3. Why do some people go to the fridge again and again in the hope that something new to eat will suddenly appear?

Forget boring conversations. These are all crazy topics. This fun question is a great icebreaker and sure to catch someone’s attention.

11. What funny and false, if somewhat plausible, theories can you come up with about the cause of common ailments such as headaches or tooth decay?

Awkward Topics To Talk About With Friends

Since no two headaches or conditions are alike, this is sure to spark some deep conversation. Sometimes it’s nice to see what abstract answers people give. Having someone with a medical background join the conversation can make it even more fun.

Tips To Cope With Awkward Conversations

Transformers are living human-like robots that can transform into vehicles or mechanical beasts. A debate about how much insurance you should have can turn into a long conversation and open up a world of equally contentious surveys. Maybe you need someone to decide the winner.

Keep sleep alive and everyone wakes up with interesting topics of conversation. Don’t fight the boring moments when you have friends and be prepared to ask your friends funny questions. Ask these interesting questions before you know it, the sun is up and it’s early morning.

18. What would some fairy tales be like if they took place in the present day and included modern technology and culture?

There are already modern adaptations of fairy tales gracing our screens, but this is a conversation starter to share some creative ideas. Who knows, you might even come up with an idea so great that it becomes Netflix’s next big hit!

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Alternate Riddle: “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” Except for this discussion, there is no scientific argument, but more personal opinion and habit.

Cannibalism is always an interesting topic because it often becomes a moral debate. You can learn a lot based on someone’s survival instincts and how far they are willing to go.

21. If he accidentally pulls a strand of spaghetti out of your nose, do you sniff it again or pick it up with your fingers?

Awkward Topics To Talk About With Friends

You can learn your gag reflex with this one, or you might end up grunting. Definitely not one of your standard questions anyway.

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Or if you put a hot dog sausage on a piece of bread, does it become a hot dog? This raises another important point.

A cult is a way of respecting a certain figure or element. A story about cults is bound to elicit some unique and surprising responses.

Throw a curveball and make an impression with fun conversation starters. Spark some laughter and joy with these questions to ask your best friend. do you know them well? Sometimes they are shocked and scared.

24. If I turned into a zombie, would you try to hold me until I healed or would you kill me immediately?

Conversation Starters To Reconnect With An Old Friend Without Being Awkward

If you don’t like what your best friend decides with this, maybe now is a good time to have that conversation and plan what you’re going to do. Did you talk about preparedness 101 in case of a zombie apocalypse? Now is your chance.

If they don’t clear their browsing history regularly, you can find some interesting and fun searches. Some of these can be quite personal and uncomfortable.

26. Why do you say the weight of the world is on our shoulders, but when we try to express it, why do we say we have to get it off our chests?

Awkward Topics To Talk About With Friends

Ah, the beauty and complexity of the English language. Interesting and thought provoking questions like these can really frustrate you as it can be difficult to articulate a meaningful answer. Or, you might encounter an awkward silence.

Weird Questions To Ask

Just as truth can be stranger than fiction and real people can be more evil than a fictional character, some experiences can be written for a scene in a great comic novel. Comparing your worst dates can scare you, but it’s fun to talk about them.

A funny question and maybe a funny revelation. When the photos come out, you know the theme can continue. Photos in a ridiculous outfit are not necessarily the worst. Not?

Silly questions are a dime a dozen, but they can spark some hilarious answers. If your friends are willing to answer that, it can be a discussion. Do they give you witty answers or something with real thoughts behind it?

It is important to make a good impression and build a strong foundation in new friendships. Starting small talk can be a challenge, so be prepared from the start. You need to know the best questions to ask a new friend to get to know them better and avoid running out of anything to talk about besides the weather.

Embarrassing Truth Or Dare Questions To Make You Blush

30. If you had to choose between undressing for everyone to read or having your thoughts appear in thought bubbles above your head, which would you choose?

Any of these could be someone’s worst fear if it ever happened. Imagine what thoughts are going through your head and imagine this happening. Or walk the streets in your birthday suit. Not a fun way to expose them.

That’s a good question to ask. If they believe in fate, it can say a lot about a person. If they think you were meant to meet and be friends, that says a lot about the current state of your relationship.

Awkward Topics To Talk About With Friends

32. How do you prove you’re from the future if you’re transported 200 years into the past without clothes or anything?

Epic Awkward Questions To Ask A Guy

An awkward question can also act as an ice breaker. But on deeper thought, this can open up a deep and intriguing discussion.

Millions of people take personality tests every year, and often, if they’ve taken one, they’re happy to talk about the results. A random question like this can turn an acquaintance into a close friend because there is so much you can learn about each other. If they’ve taken a Myers-Briggs or other test, they might have a comment or two about it.

34. Thinking about a remote control house that has to talk about things like ice cream to get here?

Isn’t this where the world is going? As technology advances, ice cream may one day respond with a simple order. Talking about all the possibilities can take several hours.

Of The Best Deep Conversation Topics For Friends

There’s nothing like a personal question to strengthen a relationship. Asking about your sleep habits after a date can be awkward, but I can’t say you have boring conversations.

These fun random questions can be played like a game. Most of the questions are similar to fun questions but there is no wrong answer. They are very revealing about your peers’ opinion of the people in your circle. If you’re trying to liven things up, create a mini-game atmosphere in your chats, then these are perfect.

Everyone has a friend who spoils movies or TV shows. Whether it’s a slip, a review of your Instagram story, or a direct note of what happened without realizing no one else saw it; Is there

Awkward Topics To Talk About With Friends

The craziest thing about this is that there is usually a rejection from the chosen person and a sudden realization that the opinion is often correct when they share examples of their escapades.

Conversation Skills: Tips To Prevent Awkward Conversations

A scary movie can be someone’s guilty pleasure, though

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